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What is the Eastern-Midlands Regional Waste Plan?

The generation and management of waste is an everyday challenge which the people, businesses, industry and institutions of the Eastern-Midlands Region must recognise and address. In our daily lives we produce non-hazardous, hazardous and sometimes toxic wastes.

These wastes have the potential to impact negatively on our communities, our health, our environment and future generations if not managed appropriately. Effective management systems are needed to ensure that we continue to live in healthy communities and protection is afforded to our environment. In the region we have a collective responsibility to improve our behaviours in response to this ongoing problem. This is necessary if we are to rethink the waste challenge and ignite the opportunities which waste as a resource offers. Read more


Plan Target

1% Reduction Per Annum in
the Quantity of Household
Waste Generated over the
period of the Plan


Plan Target

Preparing for Reuse and
Recycling Rate of
50% of Municipal Waste by 2020


Plan Target

Reduce to 0% the direct disposal of
residual Municipal waste to landfill
(from 2016 onwards) in favour of higher
value pre-treatment processes and
indigeneous recovery practices.

What we have achieved...

This is a new region to manage our wastes in a safe and compliant manner, with a clear strategy,
policies and actions.



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