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Campaigns and Projects

As part of our work in the EMWRO, we run and support a range of Waste Prevention and Resource Efficiency awareness campaigns and research projects. Here, you can find details and accounts of the various campaigns and projects in which we have an involvement. We are always keen to explore research and awareness projects on Waste Prevention, Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy in partnership with other organisations.

22,000 coffee cups disposed of in Ireland every hour

  22,000 coffee cups are disposed of in Ireland every hour, that is 528,000 every day or 200 million a year. Single use coffee cups are not on Recycling List Ireland and cannot be put in the Recycling Bin. Up to 200 million single use coffee cups are...

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Reusable cups trending in DCU

The Eastern-Midlands Waste Regional Office (EMWRO) was delighted to team up with Dublin City University (DCU) students on a social media campaign designed to encourage the use of reusable coffee cups on campus.

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Food Waste Prevention

On average, each household in Ireland throws away about €700 worth of avoidable food waste each year. This translates into about one third of each weekly shop never reaching the table. On a national level, we dump half a million tonnes of food annually....

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Time to get your Brown Bin!

Do you have your Brown Bin yet? Did you know that since July 2015, most people in Ireland are entitled to have a bin for organic waste (or a ‘brown bin’). If you don’t yet have your ‘brown bin, contact your waste collection provider to check if you are...

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Reuse Month 2017 – the fun begins!

We need your help! For Reuse Month 2017, we want to build a bank of people who can run reuse, remake, repair and creative workshops in their local area. If you’re good with your hands and wish to pass on your wonderful skills, please let us know! Follow the links on...

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Recycling & Reusing is never a waste

The Government is ending flat rate fees for household waste collection. More than half of Irish households will not be affected as they are already using a system which includes a weight based or per lift charge. The phasing-out of flat rate fees will...

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