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The EMWR is a relatively new region in terms of managing waste, it is an amalgamation of a number of smaller historical waste regions and is now one of three regional groups of authorities assembled in the State for the purpose of managing the nations waste. The EMR stretches from Dublin in the east, Louth to the north and Wicklow to the south and in total it covers twelve local authorities.

The region has appointed Dublin City Council as the regional lead to act on behalf of the other authorities with the responsibility for the successful implantation of the waste management plan. The EMR is a covers both urban and rural with a population of approximately 2.2 million with an 80 / 20 split dominated by the Dublin which has the largest population and highest economic activity in the region and nationally.

The EMWR Waste Management Plan

Waste Management Plan for the Eastern-Midlands Region 2015 - 2021

The Waste Management Plan for the Eastern-Midlands Region is the framework for the prevention and management of wastes in a safe and sustainable manner. The scope of the waste plan is broad and ultimately it needs to provide policy direction, setting out what we want to achieve and a roadmap of actions to get us there. The waste management plan is a statutory document prepared by the local authorities of the region and it covers the period from 2015 to 2021, after which time it will be revised or replaced.

Campaigns and Projects

As part of our work in the EMWRO, we run and support a range of Waste Prevention and Resource Efficiency awareness campaigns and research projects. Here, you can find details and accounts of the various campaigns and projects in which we have an involvement. We are always keen to explore research and awareness projects on Waste Prevention, Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy in partnership with other organisations.


Waste Legislation
Waste legislation and policy in Ireland is drawn almost completely from EU law. Generally speaking, EU law has supremacy over the national law. However, EU waste law is set out in broad framework pieces of legislation which stipulate the aims and objectives to be achieved, but the government has a good deal of leeway in terms of how the legislation will be implemented. While the responsibility for transposing EU directives and regulations into national law lies with the government, much of the responsibility for implementation of waste legislation lies with local government.
The links in this section of our web site include those for EU Directives and Regulations as well as policy documents from the Irish government. This will help you navigate the various strands of waste legislation used in Ireland.

EU Waste Legislation

Irish Waste Policy documents

Assessment of separate collection schemes in the 28 capitals of the EU (European Commission report)
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Annual Report 2016/17

Annual Report 2015/16

Annual Return Validation Project 2020

Food Waste Recycling Pilot

National Civic Amenity Site Review

Construction & Demolition Waste

Trifocal Brown Bin Apartment Pilot

2021 Evaluation of the Regional Waste Management Plans 2015-2021

Road PlaningsĀ 

Update 2020 – Construction & Demolition