Recycling & Reusing is never a waste

The Government is ending flat rate fees for household waste collection. More than half of Irish households will not be affected as they are already using a system which includes a weight based or per lift charge. The phasing-out of flat rate fees will...

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Recycle in the workplace to make Ireland a world leader in recycling

Recycling List Ireland is proud to support Repak’s Team Green initiative. Repak are calling on everyone to play their part in making Ireland a world leader for plastic recycling. A huge part of achieving this goal is to remember to continue good recycling practices not just at home, but in the workplace too.

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National Reuse Month

It's here! October is National Reuse Month and this year it's bigger and better with even more events happening all around the country. for a list of events in the Eastern-Midlands Region, click here. And remember this is your Reuse Month and if you and your community...

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