Of course you’ve heard of Santa’s Elves, Tolkien’s Elves and even the shoe Elves – but have you heard of the car Elves?? These are the End of Life Vehicles Environmental Services (ELVES). ELVES Ireland is a network of Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) or scrapyards, where you can drop off your old car or van for free.


EelvesLVES is a new compliance scheme for the motor industry and its membership is comprised of vehicle manufacturers, importers and scrapyards. The scheme’s mission is to improve the end of life compliance for vehicles in Ireland by ensuring that all possible materials available on scrapped vehicles are reused, recycled or recovered. This helps the motor industry meet their responsibilities in respect of EU regulations on scrapped cars and vans.


In order to spread the word and to get us all managing our scraped cars properly, this week sees the ELVES promoting their network of scrapyards. Listen out for their radio advert, like ELVES Ireland on Facebook or check out www.elves.ie for more information.