The Plan at a glance: Vision, Targets and Strategic Aims

The Plan at a glance: Vision, Targets and Strategic Aims

Our Strategic Vision and Approach

The strategic vision of the regional waste plan is to rethink our approach to managing wastes, by viewing our waste streams as valuable material resources can lead to a healthier environment and sustainable commercial opportunities for our economy.

The Plan Performance Targets

This strategic approach is central to everything we do in supporting the implementation of the plan. In order to achieve this vision, the WMP sets out three specific and measureable performance targets. This waste plan aims to foster cooperation between the Eastern-Midlands, Southern and Connaught- Ulster Waste Regions, the DECLG, the EPA and local authorities in order to achieve these targets.


* Unprocessed residual waste means residual municipal waste collected at kerbside or deposited  at landfills/CA sites/transfer stations that has not undergone appropriate treatment through physical, biological, chemical or thermal processes, including sorting.

Our Strategic Objectives

The strategic approach to this WMP incorporates well-established environmental and waste management principles. Eight overall strategic objectives have been developed for key policy areas over the 6-year duration of the plan.

Policy & Legislation

The Region will implement EU and national waste and related environmental policy. Legislation, guidance and codes of practice to improve management of material resources and wastes

Infrastructure Planning

The Region will implement EU and national waste and related environmental


Prioritise waste prevention through behavioural change activities to decouple economic growth and resource use

Enforcement & Regulation

The Region will implement a consistent and coordinated system for the regulation and enforcement of waste activities in cooperation with other environmental regulators and enforcement bodies

Resource Efficiency

The Region will encourage the transition from a waste management economy to a green circular economy


Apply the relevant environmental and planning legislation to waste activities to protect and reduce impacts on the environment, in particular Natura 2000 sites and human health from the adverse impact of waste generated


Coordinate the activities of the Regions and to relevant stakeholders to ensure the effective implementation of objectives

Other Wastes

The Region will establish policy measures for other waste streams not subject to EU and national waste management performance targets
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