What you can do at School


What you can do at School

Waste Lessons for Teachers/Administrators

  1. Think about reducing paper usage in the classroom and the office – print on both sides, print directly on to envelopes
  2. Keep your own mailing lists up to date and avoid junk mail by unsubscribing from advertising mailing lists
  3. Use scrap paper, materials, magazines and so on for art materials, consider a reuse organisation, such as ReCreate Ireland www.recreate.ie for art supplies
  4. Have a no-waste lunch policy and promote reusable lunch boxes and drinks bottle over disposable alternatives
  5. Use reusable cups and glasses for staff instead of paper and plastic cups
  6. Donate use furniture and equipment
  7. Set up a school reuse and recycling programme
  8. Link in with the Green Schools Ireland programme

Waste Lessons for Students

  1. Before buying new stuff always ask ‘do I need it
  2. Collect scrap paper and material for art projects and assignments
  3. Use a lunch box and reusable drinks bottle rather than foil, plastic lunch bags and bottled water or juice
  4. Proof read on screen, only print what you need to print
  5. Set up a recycling project in school
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