What You Can Do

From reducing food waste to managing waste recycling effectively there is always more we can do in our communities. Below are just some of the initiatives available online.

Recycling List Ireland.ie

To keep up with international standards in recycling the people at Recycling List Ireland.ie have drawn up a list of the materials you can put in your household recycle bin. Please make sure items are clean, dry and placed loosely in the bin. If it’s not on the list, it’s not in the recycle bin.

Stop Food Waste.ie

Stop Food Waste aims to help Irish householders make the most of their food. It provides information, tools and support materials on all aspects of preventing food waste, from good planning and shopping practices through to correct storage and reuse options.

Conscious Cup Campaign

The Conscious Cup Campaign, was started in late 2016 by a group of concerned individuals who, inspired by similar initiatives of cafes and citizens around the world, are aiming to reduce and eventually eliminate single use cups in Ireland.


Refill Ireland is an environmental project aiming to make Irish towns and cities tap water refill friendly for everyone while on the go (like the old days!). They locate and encourage the creation of locations for filling your reusable water bottle for free.


Brownbin.ie is the official website for information on how to recycle food waste in Ireland. It is a helpful resource for anyone with a brown bin seeking to find out as much as possible about how to get the most out of using it correctly. It features printable instruction leaflets and resources for Waste Collectors along with tips to reduce food waste.


FoodWaste.ie is the national programme to promote the Food Waste Regulations and is an initiative of the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government and Cré-Composting & Anaerobic Digestion Association of Ireland.